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2023 Atomi study plans and timetables

Get ready to smash your final exams with interactive study plans and timetables! These timetables take the guesswork out of exam prep and provide a syllabus-specific study plan for your six-week countdown to crunch time. Download your subject below.

HSC Study plans and timetables
WACE Study plans and timetables
QCE Study plans and timetables
SACE Study plans and timetables
VCE Study plans and timetables

Take the guesswork and stress out of your exam prep

What's included:

  • Week-by-week study schedule for your subjects
  • Interactive topic checklists
  • Links to corresponding Atomi videos and quizzes
  • A customisable template for personalised plans
Downloads yours from the links above.


How to use Atomi's study plans and timetables

Our study plans and timetables cover the six weeks before each exam, broken down into three two-week blocks. Learn how to use yours in each block.


How to make a personalised study timetable

Personalise your study timetable to bring together all of your subjects and see what you’re doing each day between now and exams.

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